Sunday, January 10, 2016

Treasure Book- Treasury of Truth


What ever your religion is , Which ever the country you are born or Who ever the gods you believe , What ever the culture you belong to ...that does not matter.....there is a book we all must read and practice. I would call it a solutions book. In other words book of of wisdom. 

This book is Dhammapada.

The situations of lives does not remain the same. As a river flows till it meets the ocean. During this journey river passes mountains, forests, cities and rocks etc. Like that our life also goes on with different situations. If you seek answers for any life situations or a problem refer this book.

So far I have not come across any other such book of practical guidance and wisdom. What ever we face, what ever we go through is nothing new. Since ancient times from the birth to death these kind of situations have crossed our lives. All these are written in this book in a simple understanding way.

These words were spoken originally by the Buddha on various occasions. Actually Dhammapada makes the way of truth available to anyone.

As profound expressions of practical spirituality, each verse is a guideline to rightful living. A person who will earnestly practice the teachings found in Dhammapada will definitely taste the bliss of emancipation

Due to it's immense importance, it has been translated in to numerous languages. It is not to be read once and thrown away, but to refer time to time and with the flow of life.So I Invite all whoever sees or reads this post, with heart full of compassion.......may you read this book and see. :)

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