Monday, February 29, 2016

Remain peaceful and happy all the ways

Being happy does not mean the absence of problems. But It is the ability to deal with them. 

On the Journey from birth to death in this life we always have to pass set of situations....It is like that every day...

Difficult times could come...easy times could come...all these are part of our lives.

But the wise will remain in a calm and  unchanged state during all these times.

There is no way we can escape all situations or problems... these things will come and go. But the happiness and tranquility found within us.....needs to be unchanged. 

If we could remain peaceful and happy all the ways ....,the strength to deal with all problems will be built within.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tiny good actions

Do not fail to notice  negative actions 

Only because they are very small; 

However small a spark may be, 

It has the power to burn down a haystack as big as a mountain.

Also do not fail to notice tiny good actions, 

Thinking they are of no benefit; 

Even tiny drops of water in the end will fill a huge lake.

Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm happy... Are you?

The question is whether people are happy with what they are doing?

In order to find out whether you are on the right track there is only one simple technique to follow. Ask yourself "Am I happy". Answer has to be a genuine one to your own self. This  simple question opens up answers for all your questions.

When ask your self whether you are happy ....if the answer is "yes". Of course you are doing the right thing for your self and it is better to continue.

If the answer is "No" .... then of course there is something wrong in what you are doing and you need to correct it.

Happiness is very important. This is what most people are lacking also. 

There are people who continue to be angry and sad about themselves due to their own incorrect actions. If they continue to be like that .....What happens to such people is they become more and more miserable every day. If you want to be happy... make the other person happy. Share happiness..... It comes back to you multiplied.

Finding happiness is very difficult for the people than earning money.  During our short period of stay in this life be happy, love more, hate no one and continue on a blessed journey.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Our contribution for well being

Build a sincere desire within
To act, contribute to the well being of your own self and others
You do not have to do that in large scale
It is not a necessity to do that way...
From where you stand ....can do it
Still even small acts can do it
Watering or planting a tree is an act of kindness
Sharing kind words, giving a helping hand
A generous smile ....
Listening to a person....
Sharing what you have....
These are acts of compassion :)
A person who really does act
Who contribute for the well being of surroundings
Will be looked after by the same "Dharma"
Which Buddha  said "One who act according to Dharma is protected by Dharma"

Our vibes matter...

Every human, animal or an object in this universe has a unique vibration. We all send out vibes each and every moment. And we all are moving objects. Since the earth moving around the sun what happens is we are also moving...even though we do not feel it... we are also moving....when the position/place of a object or a person changes the vibration really changes.

Examples would be now I'm at my house, Colombo, Sri Lanka on my writing table and that is my position If I move to the kitchen then my position changes ... the vibration also changes...

When we step in to a temple automatically we feel the calm peaceful vibes around and our selves being compatible with it. It could be different if you step in to a party with rock music... then again the vibration changes.

Apart from these vibration changes according to the position  and situation .....there is a unique vibration/frequency for each one of us . We cannot touch this physically. But there are situations that souls recognize each other through these vibrations and frequencies. 

We do really feel things, these are not thoughts. Imagine you meet a soul sending out love and kindness... you start feeling it. You feel the innocence of a person and harmlessness. This is accordingly to the vibrations we send out.

Or when you meet someone for the first time you may feel familiar like without knowing anything about that person.. that is according the vibes only how we feel.

Each day if we send out love and kindness which is needed very much.... How beautiful?  These vibrations go far far away. It is very important and every one needs it.

Make sure to make the other person or object feel the love, kindness and soothing through the vibes you send out.... Every being and object has a aliveness which requires this care and love.

Everything happens as a Cycle

When carefully watch around what we can see is everything is happening according to a cycle. The cycle happening is the requirement for the existence. The planets go around the sun in a cycle. Every day morning comes , night happens and the time of 24 hours a day continues as a cycle. Water cycle happens, Air cycle happens... like wise all the things are happening according to a cycle.

As humans we are also on a cycle. From birth to death..... the journey. Until the time we are caught up in  a cycle what happens is we do not further evolve. If the journey become centered and straight/a linear one. .... you rise. Other wise in a cycle the same rotation happens every day. 

This is nothing wrong or bad with the cycles. It is needed for the survival of existence. and that is how the nature of existence is...but if some one who wishes to embrace higher possibilities as a human , can choose a linear path/straight journey. Then the the cycle of birth and life ends......

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Love and compassion lies in each and everyone of us

It is a necessity...

A mandatory component of every day lives

Our lives are empty without it

Compassion is like the food & water for the heart

Without it how can we live?

Freeing from what ever binds us

The suffering comes to an end....

Freedom from burning passion of desire, jealousy, anger, 

unconsciousness etc...

When we totally overcome these

The state of bliss is achieved by our selves

Only real love and compassion will remain

The karmic debts will all be settled 

You will no longer need the cycle of birth and death 

Liberation of all the sufferings will come to us.....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Concentration is not Meditation

Many people have mistook concentration as meditation. But we need to realize that these two are very different. Concentration is not meditation. Even I have done the same mistake until I have been cleared and start practicing. Without experiencing anything neither you or me are able to realize the truth. Experiencing is the most important thing.  

When we are doing some work/activity, we keep on concentrating about what we do with the involvement of mind. But in meditation there is no involvement in the mind.

That is why it is really important to do meditation as a habit in every day of our lives. As we brush our teeth every morning , as we eat every day etc we need to practice meditation as well.

This is bit similar to knowledge vs realization. Knowledge is not realization. You can read many books as much as you like and gather knowledge and borrow the concepts from others in various methods. In this way your knowledge will be expanded but you will not realize anything. Experience is a must to realize anything.

In other words "Realization means throwing away your knowledge"

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meditative state

Meditation cannot be something we do in the morning or evening and or at a specific time of a day and forget. Because how can we do it once and forget it.... Meditation is a state. This meditative state can remain within us every time. Whether we eat, walk, sit, dance, paint, write, listen, talk or what ever the act we conduct, if we are completely in what we do.... the relaxed peaceful, balanced state is there. Then we are living in that state every moment. There is no past or future in this.Only this moment here and now.  Meditative state is something we need to continue every moment in life...

In our lives actually we can spend every moment meditative, simply if we could unite/blend completely with what we do....whether eat, walk, sit, dance, paint, write, listen, talk, design or what ever.....This is a prevention/total solution for all problems.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Becoming a Healer...

To a person full of worries and sadness, you can bring them joy by 
giving them a smile. For smiling is the medicine for curing 

To a pessimistic person you can uplift their spirit by giving words
of comfort and encouragement. For words of loving kindness is 
also a medicine

If a person is thirsty you can give them a cup of tea. Therefore a 
cup of tea is the medicine for thirst. 

If someone is hungry, you can cook and offer them food. So food
is the medicine against hunger. 

As long as you are willing to contribute, serve and make good 
deeds, then everyone will be with loving kindness.

By: Kuan Yin

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I think real rainbows are beautiful and wondrous. I think obvious fakes - like THIS - are ridiculous and stupid. (Update: The irony is killing me. This has become an extremely popular repin from my board. The thing is, people are pinning it to their "Wonders of Nature" boards. *head desk*):

Be loving towards all living beings

Compassion always goes hand in hand with helpfulness

A willingness and dedication for the well being of all beings

Compassion is sharing loving kindness 

If we have real compassion in our hearts 

We can become almost everything

Can radiate peace with kindness

Compassion breaks all barriers that separate all beings from 

one another........

Monday, February 1, 2016

Vibrations of Compassion

May we always be in peace, happiness and Love
As we do not do any harm anyone even by a thought
May no harm come to us.....

We send out vibrations of love and kindness allover
From the nearest to the far far away
We send the waves of compassion
From the bottom of our hearts......

May all the beings in this universe
Be free from negative thoughts, actions and words
May all of us only feel love in our hearts
All the positive vibrations may surround us......

On this earth large number of people are living with lack of love, peace and happiness than the money and food. So what is more important is to live every moment with peace. No materialistic need is important than inner peace.

The wise yogi once said to me these golden words. For example imagine if anyone fight with some one else in the roads and scold each other just once and if that anger placed in their hearts they meet endless times in this samsara journey different times in different forms until they end it. So we should never become a reason for anyone's anger or sorrow. These negative vibrations should never come upon us. Negativity lowers our energy. 

My eyes are opened by his words. In this short period of life why we seek any negativity when there is much to experience love, peace and happiness. No conflicts needed. 

Peace Makers and Compassion Activists are wanted on this earth more than the money makers. So why not become one......