Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meditative state

Meditation cannot be something we do in the morning or evening and or at a specific time of a day and forget. Because how can we do it once and forget it.... Meditation is a state. This meditative state can remain within us every time. Whether we eat, walk, sit, dance, paint, write, listen, talk or what ever the act we conduct, if we are completely in what we do.... the relaxed peaceful, balanced state is there. Then we are living in that state every moment. There is no past or future in this.Only this moment here and now.  Meditative state is something we need to continue every moment in life...

In our lives actually we can spend every moment meditative, simply if we could unite/blend completely with what we do....whether eat, walk, sit, dance, paint, write, listen, talk, design or what ever.....This is a prevention/total solution for all problems.

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