Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Experience with Water

I have never come across such a purest substance like water in my life over the years. The purity,sensitivity, reflective and connecting ability in the water cannot be described by words. 

Water is a giver to our lives from the birth to death. No human on this earth can live without water. 

With water..... it has this amazing power of influencing on our emotions as well as our thoughts and emotions can significantly influence the water. 

Each time whichever the way we consume water we should have thoughts like love,happiness and gratefulness...water goes in to our entire system. 

If we actively participate in a process of healing our mind, body and soul with really happens. It can cleanse us deeper within. Like a meditation.

Any time you feel imbalance or stress within....water can refresh you and relieve you. Believe has such a power to replenish our mind, body and soul. 

We connect with water endless times throughout our life times in numerous ways such as drink, bath, clean, cook....and each time water goes in and out ...from us. Our body also mostly consist of water. The earth also the same....Can you see how important it is to be with balance in our feelings, emotions thoughts etc... Our entire system is effected by what we are.....

I would say... water can reflect our soul's image as we see it in a mirror .

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our own light....

I feel 
Creativity is
A spiritual connection
with our higher self 
It is like
Talking with our own soul....

During the
Within our own self
We can experience 
Our own light....

We are all seekers
Still we are
But at a point
We stop asking from
Sources like books
And start listening
To our own soul....

Starting to wonder..
Inside our selves
How much love exist...

But can you see
This small eyes see entire universe
This small ears hear the entire universe
Like that 
This great love can exist in the heart ....
The heart can have so much Love and compassion....
It can share and spread love limitlessly.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Smile is Enriching.....

A smile
Costs nothing,
But gives so much
Only takes one moment
For a person to share a smile
Smile is enriching
Those who receive it…….

It does not make any loss to the
Person who gives a smile
But makes happy…

It can be the
Simplest act of kindness
Sharing a smile
Is beautiful

Smile is like the sunshine
It cannot be robbed or borrowed
Smile comes from within the heart
It has so much of value
May be people are too busy
Even to smile
But you can give a smile to them :)