Saturday, May 28, 2016

Be Clear in Decision Making


When living this life it is very important to make clear decisions in day to day life. Do not decide anything about your life because some other person has told you to do or if it is what others expect from you. Do what is right for you. And do everything according to your conscience.

In that way you will never regret about your life. 

To be clear with the other people, first you have to be clear with your own self. If you are bending to this side and to the other side and in front of a situation unable to think and focus clearly.... then it is a real issue which needs to be overcome. 

How ever by practicing to look at things clearly. The out come is also very clear and straight forward.

We all have to realize that the right and wrong is also a relative thing. What is right for you could be wrong for the other person. What is wrong for you could be right for the other person. 

The most important thing is with our decisions and actions the effect should not harm anyone in any slightest way. Keep saying to your self my existence is not going to be harmful to anyone even in a thought, word or action. That way you will  always conduct rightful actions. Your existence only will be benefiting.

Sometimes if the decision you made brings an outcome which benefits so many lives in a very positive and good manner, it is a right decision. If so it is something you have to do/need to conduct.

The mind has to be clear like the water in a river. Should be like the clear waters. Do not let the mind become cloudy with mainly anger, lust/greed or stupidity.

When the mind is clear you can make rightful decisions whole heartedly. The result also will be very clear and beneficial to everyone.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Living Righteously

Taking a decision to be happy & Living a righteous life is not at all difficult. 

Every living creature on this planet whether live in a palace, house or in a tent. Rich or poor, black or white, We all face problems. Troubles come. Happy and Sad situations pass by etc. There are so much of things that could come on our way. Since the day world happened this would have been the same for everyone.

I have heard this saying "Only dead people does not have problems, all others have". It is a matter of seeing the reality of all situations. Worrying does not solve any issues. But living rightfully in the balance makes us live the life with aliveness.

We humans most of the time what we do is thinking and acting. So the thoughts and actions go together. Righteousness embraces the idea of right thoughts and actions in life. Rightful living means no harm to any one. 

Whether we born Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu or Muslim or any other religion it is no matter. We are all humans and every one seek true love, happiness and peace. Doesn't matter what the religion is .....Embracing the spirituality makes us more capable of doing things and makes it easier for us to find all love, happiness and peace. 

Which ever the way we are born, it is very important to have good qualities within. There is nothing spiritual in this. But it is Humans living according to human nature.

Practicing the following takes us to a place where everything is. This could be practiced according to the capacity of each individual as we all are different to one another. 

Noble Eight-fold path preached by Buddha,
Right view
Right Intention
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

What religion we are born is irrelevant for living according to above. Whether you are young or old , whether you are doing a job or not ,whether you are married or single, whether you have problems or not having problems, anyway you can live good quality human life with this.

Even if we are just living the life experiencing the physical reality on this planet. This is the right way to live.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Be Kind

On this earth most of the forms are not for themselves. They do not exist for their own benefit. But exist for others. 

Think of a river.... it never drinks it's own water. It just flows with its beauty. Many humans, animals water beings, tress they all get water from the river. River exist for other's benefit. It is such an act of kindness the nature shows us.

Think of trees. They give oxygen, their leaves , fruits, flowers and shade all of that for benefits of living beings. Nothing is for the tree. Tree does not eat it's own delicious fruits. Very compassionate and beautiful.

The sun gives light to entire earth...but this light is not for him self. How many beautiful flowers bloom because of this sun...Does the beauty of flowers are for the sun..

Originally the human nature is very kind. They are born out of love and always share and spread kindness.   

But today the humans.... they always focus on their own benefit....they live for them selves. They do not share or care. The "I" always comes to the front. Most of the times people think how can "I" get that, how can "I" reach there, how "I" defeat that person, how to do to do that , how to become first etc....which is very silly and unkind. If they are benefited they do not care what happens to the other people.

Why not we become kind and share all acts of kindness with others. Why don't we share and spread goodness with others. Why not  we become an existence of compassion. 

When live... think of others too. Share kindness. Help others the way you can. At least speak a kind word... smile. Be a reason for other's smile and happiness.

That is truly beautiful. :)