Saturday, May 28, 2016

Be Clear in Decision Making


When living this life it is very important to make clear decisions in day to day life. Do not decide anything about your life because some other person has told you to do or if it is what others expect from you. Do what is right for you. And do everything according to your conscience.

In that way you will never regret about your life. 

To be clear with the other people, first you have to be clear with your own self. If you are bending to this side and to the other side and in front of a situation unable to think and focus clearly.... then it is a real issue which needs to be overcome. 

How ever by practicing to look at things clearly. The out come is also very clear and straight forward.

We all have to realize that the right and wrong is also a relative thing. What is right for you could be wrong for the other person. What is wrong for you could be right for the other person. 

The most important thing is with our decisions and actions the effect should not harm anyone in any slightest way. Keep saying to your self my existence is not going to be harmful to anyone even in a thought, word or action. That way you will  always conduct rightful actions. Your existence only will be benefiting.

Sometimes if the decision you made brings an outcome which benefits so many lives in a very positive and good manner, it is a right decision. If so it is something you have to do/need to conduct.

The mind has to be clear like the water in a river. Should be like the clear waters. Do not let the mind become cloudy with mainly anger, lust/greed or stupidity.

When the mind is clear you can make rightful decisions whole heartedly. The result also will be very clear and beneficial to everyone.

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