Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Be Kind

On this earth most of the forms are not for themselves. They do not exist for their own benefit. But exist for others. 

Think of a river.... it never drinks it's own water. It just flows with its beauty. Many humans, animals water beings, tress they all get water from the river. River exist for other's benefit. It is such an act of kindness the nature shows us.

Think of trees. They give oxygen, their leaves , fruits, flowers and shade all of that for benefits of living beings. Nothing is for the tree. Tree does not eat it's own delicious fruits. Very compassionate and beautiful.

The sun gives light to entire earth...but this light is not for him self. How many beautiful flowers bloom because of this sun...Does the beauty of flowers are for the sun..

Originally the human nature is very kind. They are born out of love and always share and spread kindness.   

But today the humans.... they always focus on their own benefit....they live for them selves. They do not share or care. The "I" always comes to the front. Most of the times people think how can "I" get that, how can "I" reach there, how "I" defeat that person, how to do to do that , how to become first etc....which is very silly and unkind. If they are benefited they do not care what happens to the other people.

Why not we become kind and share all acts of kindness with others. Why don't we share and spread goodness with others. Why not  we become an existence of compassion. 

When live... think of others too. Share kindness. Help others the way you can. At least speak a kind word... smile. Be a reason for other's smile and happiness.

That is truly beautiful. :)

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  1. nice post.keep up good work.

    look forward to reading many, many posts.


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