Thursday, May 26, 2016

Living Righteously

Taking a decision to be happy & Living a righteous life is not at all difficult. 

Every living creature on this planet whether live in a palace, house or in a tent. Rich or poor, black or white, We all face problems. Troubles come. Happy and Sad situations pass by etc. There are so much of things that could come on our way. Since the day world happened this would have been the same for everyone.

I have heard this saying "Only dead people does not have problems, all others have". It is a matter of seeing the reality of all situations. Worrying does not solve any issues. But living rightfully in the balance makes us live the life with aliveness.

We humans most of the time what we do is thinking and acting. So the thoughts and actions go together. Righteousness embraces the idea of right thoughts and actions in life. Rightful living means no harm to any one. 

Whether we born Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu or Muslim or any other religion it is no matter. We are all humans and every one seek true love, happiness and peace. Doesn't matter what the religion is .....Embracing the spirituality makes us more capable of doing things and makes it easier for us to find all love, happiness and peace. 

Which ever the way we are born, it is very important to have good qualities within. There is nothing spiritual in this. But it is Humans living according to human nature.

Practicing the following takes us to a place where everything is. This could be practiced according to the capacity of each individual as we all are different to one another. 

Noble Eight-fold path preached by Buddha,
Right view
Right Intention
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

What religion we are born is irrelevant for living according to above. Whether you are young or old , whether you are doing a job or not ,whether you are married or single, whether you have problems or not having problems, anyway you can live good quality human life with this.

Even if we are just living the life experiencing the physical reality on this planet. This is the right way to live.

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