Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's work Towards a Green Earth

Trees also has a life . 

The trees are a very important part of our lives. Not only we humans should care and love for other humans and animals, but also we have to take care of the trees too.

If not there are trees on this earth. No life can survive.

Trees are always working for making a better world for us to live. In the very ancient history people even have worshiped the trees.

Earth is where we live and it is our home. We humans from generation to generation lived and living on this earth. We need to protect earth and keep it healthy.

When there are more trees on this earth, that means the earth/our home is healthy. If the earth is healthy we people are also healthy.

To mention a few about what we get from trees are... they give us food, cleaning the air, stops the soil erosion, produces oxygen for us to breathe, provides coolness and shade, beautify the atmosphere, reduce the environmental pollution, conserving the water etc. 

If not we protect trees....mainly the clean air and water supply, food supply will be at risk. That will directly affect the life here on earth. 

Unfortunately people today are building more and more huge buildings and factories etc. by clearing forest areas. Many plants and trees are facing such a huge threat due to this.

We need to start feeling that the trees are a essential part in us. If all of us realize this... we will never harm trees. 

We are all connected with each other. Trees, animals, soil, air etc... all of these are very closely connected. And each of these are utmost important for the balance of life on the earth. As humans we have to keep up and protect this balance. 

You, me and all of us who are really working towards a green earth...must contribute from a smaller step of protecting trees and planting more trees.

Remember to at least plant one tree in your life time... as a duty of greatfulness for the human life we got on this planet. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Live with the Heart

We are all connected to the Universe with our Hearts. In other words heart is universal and is real. The moment you start living with the heart you will start to feel all the beauty and aliveness. The compassion comes from within the heart. When we are with the heart we will help and care for others truly with kindness. Will fell we are all one.

Feel the love in the heart. It is very peaceful. You can be relaxed in the present. When we are living with our heart, we would begin touching the universal experience of Love. Connecting to our very source.

Mind is connected to the outside world.  Love in the mind is all about benefitsMind needs lots of attention from the outside world. Mind says this & that, analyze, figure out, organize, and full of various unwanted concepts and knowledge taken from outside world.

Now there is a choice. Whether the mind or the Heart? 

Live with the heart every moment. Start feeling this greatest experience from this very moment. You can become a light, expanded, unconditional, live , happy, contented and completely free you.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Beginners experience of Meditation

Meditation is a self investigation process . It is about discovering our own selves.

To start meditation first we have to be very true and honest to our own selves. Also we need to be very humble. Must be very kind and patient .

We need to get out of all concepts such as this is like this, that is like that etc. Stop comparison and completely forget abilities and inabilities. Never compare the past and present. Past is something we have already experienced. 

For the very first time when we sit to meditate we may see different scenes, people and images etc. We must let them go by.

When we are focused on to breathing we will see thoughts are just flowing. We will hear noises in atmosphere and may feel pains in our body. But soon we will realize that we cannot control any of these.

Be aware of the present moment. If thoughts come to you endlessly, no point struggling to fight with it. The nature of mind is thinking. Do not put any pressure to fight with thoughts. Instead of  see that is the nature. 

The thoughts and concepts which comes to you are not really you. Thoughts always come and go.

Initially when start to meditate what we need is to be patient, aware and consciously watch the thoughts which come to our minds.

Meditation does not mean that we are escaping from thoughts such as sorrow, doubt, fear etc. Meditation is very light and is not a pressure at all. It is recognizing the thoughts.The realization of how thoughts happen. But of course this is something that cannot describe by words or put in to words.

Meditation  takes us to a deep realization about our own selves.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Duality to Non-duality state

Every single thing that exists on this earth exists with duality. This duality is almost every where. Short or tall, right or wrong, merit or sin, beauty or ugly, male or female, up or down, everything or nothing wise this duality is endless.

But every where this duality is on a process to become one. That means duality is always trying to become the non-duality state. Non duality state happens with the right union.

If we look at this with the right vision, through out all spiritual processes that exist on this planet is talking about this same thing in different ways and languages. But actually the essence is... they all talk about the same thing. Which means the oneness, the non duality state. Every spiritual process is exploring this in numerous ways and gives us this message in a way that we can understand this.

Duality is the nature of existence. Nature cannot survive without this duality. In other words this can be understood with an example, if the sun does not rise then there is no light. If there is no light, there will be no life on earth. But for the light to exist the darkness has to be there. Every day the sun rises and also the sun sets. Like wise every process happen as a cycle. The duality is every where.

The humans has the capacity of coming to a state of non duality. Non-duality state does not create any cycle.  There is no separate identity for such a person. 

Our life on earth is continuing between this duality. If the life is like a river. Then this river is flowing between the river banks of happiness and sadness. 

Every individual can decide which side they want to be. Whether to be happy or sad, whether to be in hell or in heaven. 

Also there is another choice. You can stay in one of these sides in this duality or you can get out of this both and come to state of ultimate bliss - That is non dual state.

Friday, June 3, 2016

What is our true nature

Who am I? I asked myself. 

What is our true nature. Do we know? Do we ever ask this question from us? Do we use our own experiences to explore this question.

I ask you now, who are you? Is your name, age, gender, family situation, your job, nationality, your fears and insecurities, your hopes and dreams, belongings all these.... Are they you?

Can we define our selves as our history, worst and best situations we faced in life or are we our thoughts. No.

If we ever wish to consciously experience life at it's fullest, these questions are essential to ask from ourselves.

Life delivers us a series of challenges in many forms, small or large, good luck or bad luck , pain or pleasure etc. In one aspect it is a struggle. So how are we going to respond to this. That is where it brings us the importance of knowing our true nature. 

What could yoga and meditation practice bring us?  One thing it will give us would be the wisdom and discipline to work with every situation and condition in life. 

But I admit there could be very rare , very few individuals who has great balance in life and whom they have perfect wisdom to continue this journey without a practice . But for most of us it is essential to practice. It could be the only way to consciously experience this journey.

We all have arrived here to earth for a visit. But still we are travelling. I heard this somewhere. "Travel well than to arrive". 

All great masters who appeared on earth.... They speak in the heart language - Love and Compassion . When I see them I see all five sense organs their eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body all speaks in the language of delicate heart. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Not to loose the balance in Life

The Life living like a lotus is such beautiful, loving and pure. Nothing can be compared to this experience. It contains peace, love , happiness and everything is there.

Lotus is balanced. It is above mud. Smiling at sun. Dew drops and Sweet breeze embraces it. The Buddha nature is in it.

In our lives sometimes we loose balance and fall. Then again have to get up and go on. The nature of life is like this. 

If I'm walking with a torch then I can only see the limited area where the torch light falls. It is very narrow. Sometimes we take decisions and trying to find answers within this smaller area. But the reality is a very lengthy area. 

To see what is true need to look with our open mind and alertness .The moment you become clouded your seeing become narrow. By seeing a limited area the decisions being taken does not bear positive results.

The energy is being wasted when we start thinking of a unknown future unnecessarily. And by taking decisions with narrow mind entire tranquility could get crashed.

I realize that i'm not my thoughts. Because I'm stupid.... I think these thoughts are me and acting accordingly. You may also act like this sometimes. We all are like that.

In life storms like situations come and may put us in to holes. The moment you see and realize this. Come out and practice to maintain balance amidst every such situation.

Nothing but balance is the key. Never loose it.