Monday, June 27, 2016

Beginners experience of Meditation

Meditation is a self investigation process . It is about discovering our own selves.

To start meditation first we have to be very true and honest to our own selves. Also we need to be very humble. Must be very kind and patient .

We need to get out of all concepts such as this is like this, that is like that etc. Stop comparison and completely forget abilities and inabilities. Never compare the past and present. Past is something we have already experienced. 

For the very first time when we sit to meditate we may see different scenes, people and images etc. We must let them go by.

When we are focused on to breathing we will see thoughts are just flowing. We will hear noises in atmosphere and may feel pains in our body. But soon we will realize that we cannot control any of these.

Be aware of the present moment. If thoughts come to you endlessly, no point struggling to fight with it. The nature of mind is thinking. Do not put any pressure to fight with thoughts. Instead of  see that is the nature. 

The thoughts and concepts which comes to you are not really you. Thoughts always come and go.

Initially when start to meditate what we need is to be patient, aware and consciously watch the thoughts which come to our minds.

Meditation does not mean that we are escaping from thoughts such as sorrow, doubt, fear etc. Meditation is very light and is not a pressure at all. It is recognizing the thoughts.The realization of how thoughts happen. But of course this is something that cannot describe by words or put in to words.

Meditation  takes us to a deep realization about our own selves.

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