Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Live with the Heart

We are all connected to the Universe with our Hearts. In other words heart is universal and is real. The moment you start living with the heart you will start to feel all the beauty and aliveness. The compassion comes from within the heart. When we are with the heart we will help and care for others truly with kindness. Will fell we are all one.

Feel the love in the heart. It is very peaceful. You can be relaxed in the present. When we are living with our heart, we would begin touching the universal experience of Love. Connecting to our very source.

Mind is connected to the outside world.  Love in the mind is all about benefitsMind needs lots of attention from the outside world. Mind says this & that, analyze, figure out, organize, and full of various unwanted concepts and knowledge taken from outside world.

Now there is a choice. Whether the mind or the Heart? 

Live with the heart every moment. Start feeling this greatest experience from this very moment. You can become a light, expanded, unconditional, live , happy, contented and completely free you.

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