Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Not to loose the balance in Life

The Life living like a lotus is such beautiful, loving and pure. Nothing can be compared to this experience. It contains peace, love , happiness and everything is there.

Lotus is balanced. It is above mud. Smiling at sun. Dew drops and Sweet breeze embraces it. The Buddha nature is in it.

In our lives sometimes we loose balance and fall. Then again have to get up and go on. The nature of life is like this. 

If I'm walking with a torch then I can only see the limited area where the torch light falls. It is very narrow. Sometimes we take decisions and trying to find answers within this smaller area. But the reality is a very lengthy area. 

To see what is true need to look with our open mind and alertness .The moment you become clouded your seeing become narrow. By seeing a limited area the decisions being taken does not bear positive results.

The energy is being wasted when we start thinking of a unknown future unnecessarily. And by taking decisions with narrow mind entire tranquility could get crashed.

I realize that i'm not my thoughts. Because I'm stupid.... I think these thoughts are me and acting accordingly. You may also act like this sometimes. We all are like that.

In life storms like situations come and may put us in to holes. The moment you see and realize this. Come out and practice to maintain balance amidst every such situation.

Nothing but balance is the key. Never loose it.

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