Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's work Towards a Green Earth

Trees also has a life . 

The trees are a very important part of our lives. Not only we humans should care and love for other humans and animals, but also we have to take care of the trees too.

If not there are trees on this earth. No life can survive.

Trees are always working for making a better world for us to live. In the very ancient history people even have worshiped the trees.

Earth is where we live and it is our home. We humans from generation to generation lived and living on this earth. We need to protect earth and keep it healthy.

When there are more trees on this earth, that means the earth/our home is healthy. If the earth is healthy we people are also healthy.

To mention a few about what we get from trees are... they give us food, cleaning the air, stops the soil erosion, produces oxygen for us to breathe, provides coolness and shade, beautify the atmosphere, reduce the environmental pollution, conserving the water etc. 

If not we protect trees....mainly the clean air and water supply, food supply will be at risk. That will directly affect the life here on earth. 

Unfortunately people today are building more and more huge buildings and factories etc. by clearing forest areas. Many plants and trees are facing such a huge threat due to this.

We need to start feeling that the trees are a essential part in us. If all of us realize this... we will never harm trees. 

We are all connected with each other. Trees, animals, soil, air etc... all of these are very closely connected. And each of these are utmost important for the balance of life on the earth. As humans we have to keep up and protect this balance. 

You, me and all of us who are really working towards a green earth...must contribute from a smaller step of protecting trees and planting more trees.

Remember to at least plant one tree in your life time... as a duty of greatfulness for the human life we got on this planet. 

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