Friday, June 3, 2016

What is our true nature

Who am I? I asked myself. 

What is our true nature. Do we know? Do we ever ask this question from us? Do we use our own experiences to explore this question.

I ask you now, who are you? Is your name, age, gender, family situation, your job, nationality, your fears and insecurities, your hopes and dreams, belongings all these.... Are they you?

Can we define our selves as our history, worst and best situations we faced in life or are we our thoughts. No.

If we ever wish to consciously experience life at it's fullest, these questions are essential to ask from ourselves.

Life delivers us a series of challenges in many forms, small or large, good luck or bad luck , pain or pleasure etc. In one aspect it is a struggle. So how are we going to respond to this. That is where it brings us the importance of knowing our true nature. 

What could yoga and meditation practice bring us?  One thing it will give us would be the wisdom and discipline to work with every situation and condition in life. 

But I admit there could be very rare , very few individuals who has great balance in life and whom they have perfect wisdom to continue this journey without a practice . But for most of us it is essential to practice. It could be the only way to consciously experience this journey.

We all have arrived here to earth for a visit. But still we are travelling. I heard this somewhere. "Travel well than to arrive". 

All great masters who appeared on earth.... They speak in the heart language - Love and Compassion . When I see them I see all five sense organs their eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body all speaks in the language of delicate heart. 

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