Friday, July 8, 2016

Different Connections that Exist in this world

We all live in this world with connections. We are all connected and individually we have closer connections with some beings.

There are many different connections. 

Some are spiritual connections. Spiritual connections are rare. But they do exist on this earth and with such a connection we evolve and it leads us to realization. Those connections are full of love and no worldly attachment or possessiveness. Spiritual connections do heal.

Some are worldly connections which could be karmic. 

Think of our parents, brothers, sisters and children. Entire life we continuously work on to make them happy. We do many things and give them many things. For parents their children are the the connections that they have to settle greatest debts for. Until settled we are meeting over and over again.

When carefully look at, we can see that in this physical world if two people are travelling together they have a mixed connection.  its always 50%, 50% connection. Which means happiness and sorrow both exist in their connection. In the worldly connections there are no connections that they live entire life every moment happy. Neither in sorrow. Many situations pass and they live in this both. That is the way it could exist also.

Think of connections we have with our friends. Some friends they are there for us in every way. They care and share and nice to have them. Some friends they really come to us when they need something. They take it and leave. Those are people we have debts for. Some people we meet they are like Tsunami, they come in to the life take away all money and belongings of us and they leave. The debt is settled and after that and we will never meet them again.

When we meet some people for the very first time we feel we never met. But we really know them. We get a very pleasant feeling for them. Some souls recognize each other even they meet for the very first time.In another time we meet some person and we feel not good and some unpleasant feeling. That is also due to some continued karmic connection.

The connections in past lives are being continued to this life and even to next life. If we have any unsettled debts we definitely meet them over and over until we settle them. 

Connections are there for benefiting both ways and helping, loving ,caring and evolving at the same time.

One day if someone become spiritually connected with entire universe he or she will not have any karmic debts to be settled. 

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