Friday, July 22, 2016

How can we utilize yoga to balance our selves & society in the present day

Question : How  can we utilize yoga to balance our selves & society in the present day
(One day My self has asked this question from the Wise Yogi  and I have put his answer (original message) in to words below )

Answer :  Yoga means union.

Every human consist of physical body, mental body and spiritual body. If all humans have the balance of these three bodies, they function as a one single unit with union. If everybody start functioning with union many major problems in this world will be solved.

What happened at the present is within many people these three bodies(physical,mental,spiritual) does not function together. So there is a imbalance within them. 

If explain with a simple example. Think of a phone. The cover of the phone is like the physical body. The software that runs in it is like mental body(mind) and the battery is like the energy body. In order to experience the full function of the phone, these 3 parts has to work together as one unit.

If the phone is not charged, there is no energy and it does not work properly. Also if we install the android software to apple phone it cannot work. Likewise the compatibility is very important.

We humans are also functioning like above. If physically we are at a place and if our mind is some where else then there is no balance within us. Our body, mind and soul has to function balanced as one unit.

Now look at the society you can see many people are acting like malfunctioning phones. Some are not charged, some have installed wrong software etc. 

We need to find the balance within us. The center.

Before we try to balance the rest of the world. We need to balance our own selves first. Our own balance physically,mentally and spiritually is very important. If we ourselves functioning at balance ,in the next level we can help and contribute for the balancing the rest of the world. 

QuestionHow can we find balance within ourselves?

Answer :Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation helps
Start from the physical balance and then mental balance is easy and next level can experience spiritual balance. Ultimately whole system balanced and can function with union at the full capacity of a human being.

If you have no idea how to begin the process always feel free to connect , we can help. :)

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