Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Journey Towards Discovering the Truth :)

Wish all of you a beautiful and blessed day. 

"The lotus pond" blog is completing a one year today (19.07.2016) The whole hearted thanks goes to everyone who got connected and contributed spreading these messages of truth around the world. Let our contribution bring more peace, happiness, compassion and wisdom to every one's hearts. May everyone be happy. :)

People are living with different intentions and expectations in this world. These intentions and expectations are influenced according to the religion, culture, geographical location, education systems etc where we live . We live in a society where all kind of people are living. There are saints, healers, yogis, monks who speak of the truth in this society as well as there are murderers, thieves, criminals who has lost their human nature. This is a place where right & wrong both exist and where good & bad both equally exist. 

Very less amount of people sees the truth in this world. The rest is lost in their own imagination and rotating around a same cycle over and over. Since old days if someone speak of the real truth the resistance force is high. However the truth remains as the truth all the time.

Our contribution and our effort  is for the well being of this planet, To make people more compassionate, happy, free, peaceful and contented. The destructive forces are increasing day by day in the present. So we need more people spreading waves of love and compassion to heal the world.

People believe in books written by other people than their own experiences. That is very sad. If someone says something they do not investigate it and find out whether true. That is not the way. 

Even what is posted in this "Lotus pond" blog are for open discussions. See, analyse, experience, investigate and find out truth. Apply things day to day lives and see whether how it works. Never believe something because someone told or written on a book. We all have the same capacity of discovering what is truth. 

All the spiritual processes has appeared in this world to make people more compassionate, able, active and wise. To make every one's journey beautiful and to save people from suffering.

Every experience differ from person to person. And the way it is expressed is also different in many ways. If it is by speech the tone differs and if it is written the words used could be different. That is why our own experience is such important. 

Always feel free to see, analyse, experience, investigate and find out truth. That is the only way.

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  1. feel privileged for being able to connect with you!


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