Friday, July 15, 2016

Nothing is Permanent

The truth is nothing is permanent in this universe. Every thing is changing every moment. The nature of everything that no one can deny is "the changing nature".

Are we really accepting this "change"? Why does someone does not accept change. That is because it melts away the "Iam ness". If we see the impermanent nature with our whole heart the "Iam ness" starts fading.

For example we can understand "the changing nature" within us in this way. When we were children what we liked, what we expected, what we dreamt of all is different to what we need now. It all has changed. We are not the same person who was there years back. After some years from now we will want something completely different from now. This is the changing nature.

What mind does is, it never accepts the change and never is ready to accept change. Mind always want to jump from one thought to another and to chase something. Even though mind sees the truth "that everything is changing" it is continuously running.

Why does every person fighting for? They fight in search of happiness according to their individual belief. For some it could be wealth, could be career advancement, could be property or anything. But this happiness is very temporary. But Mind forgets this temporary nature. 

If our heart truly and deeply realize this temporariness of all things and sees the change, the sorrow ends there.

But we need to see this through the mind. Then only we can find out the secret.

In this entire universe nothing is really permanent. It is all changing every moment. Everything is flowing.  We are also on a journey.

It is like this, we cannot step in the same river twice. The reason is river is not the same river and we are too is not the same person.

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