Sunday, July 17, 2016

Simple steps that will make your day a Great day!!!!

Wake up early. Feel the breeze outside. Watch the sun rise. Take a deep breath.

Do some yoga. It is a great way of starting your day. You will be fresh and active throughout the whole day.

Practice to do some meditation every day morning. Even 5 minutes is ok. That time your mind becomes still and peacefulness occurs within you.

Smile. Forget all the problems, pains and troubles. Feel that every day is a new day. New beginning. At least be thankful you are alive and you are a capable person.

Before you start to eat, from your whole heart be thankful. We survive because of food and water. Thank every one who contributed for the food plate on your table. 

If you are doing a job, Do your job honestly. Be loyal to your occupation/ the job as it gives you the necessary funds for living.

Treat everyone nicely. Talk gentle words. Bring smiles to other people faces. If some one scolds,insult or trouble you. Forgive them.

If you ever feel angry, jealous, greedy or sad just watch your thoughts. Do not fight with your thoughts. When you know that you are at such a situation, consciously know it. that moment will pass. That is all. No harm.

Many situations could occur, which you may loose balance. If such happens try to come back to the center again. Take a deep breath. It helps.

Other than all enlightened people, we all have troubles, desires, pains, problems, difficulties in our mind. Live with the heart. So like it is life for all of us. Just do not be serious about anything and enjoy the journey. Always be happy.

Listen to some music, play an instrument, draw an art, write a poem. Do something creative.

Every day even from a thought, word or act please try to help someone in need. It could be in different ways.  But do it. 

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