Friday, July 1, 2016

What do You really want in life

The major root cause for a person nowadays being unhappy is...They are doing something else and wanting something else. This is really the conflict within most people.

If someone ever decides to be happy, that person must ask from him or herself is this question. "What do I really want in life? . Your mind may say something. Again ask yourself "Is that what I really want"? In the ancient story of Jesus, this question was asked from a woman named Mary who was a healer. Mary after facing so much with life finally found the answers what she really wanted in life.

Like that even if we ask this question from us we will find answers for sure.

A spiritual person can deal with worldly affairs if  he or she wants to. That is not a matter at all. But someone cannot be materialistic and spiritual both at the same time. If some one intends to build a house and getting a good job and more wealth, he start practicing spirituality for that purpose , that will end up disastrous.

Not every one chooses the same path. We all choose our own paths. But the divine messenger said " We are all gifted and Follow your passion" . Yes that way you will be really happy.

In simple words, Do what you really like...Follow what your heart says. Not your mind.

All the stress comes to people, because first thing is they are not doing what they really want to do and doing something different and wanting something else. That is not the way.

Religions have come to this world as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam etc. But in every spiritual process in it's core speaking the same truth. So separating people based on the religion and saying that your religion is wrong, mine is correct. All that is irrelevant.

"Buddha was not a Buddhist…Jesus was not a Christian…Muhammad was not a Muslim…They all were who taught Love "

Whatever the religion you belong ,
Follow the path of happiness and love.

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