Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to live a Stress free, Complain less, Happy life

First thing is get connected with your heart. Heart only feels the reality. Like the mind it does not say stories. Heart has only love within.

Be greatful for what you have. You may have very less things to manage. Still be greatful for those. At least be greatful for being alive and  all body parts are working properly.

Do what you can do for others. But never expect anything in return for what you do. 

Always live in the present moment. When start to live here and now no pressure happens within you regarding past or future.

Be creative. Almost everyone has creative abilities. Do something creative. It could be composing songs, playing instrument or drawing or anything.

Accept the things as they are. Do not try to change things as per your wish. Let things be as they are.

Stop comparison. We are all different to one another. There are no two equal souls. Therefore stop running on race comparing with other people.

Try breathing exercises every morning. It is such a great help.

Love and care your self properly. Be honest and loyal to yourself. Then for other's also you will do the same.

Start doing what you like. When you do what you like, there is nothing to complain about.

Avoid flame conversations or situations which can lead to conflict. Have peaceful connections with other people.

Learn to share things. Then you will free the burden you are carrying.

Get close to nature. Specially the tress and water has such a wonderful ability to heal. 

Balance the life in every way. When you are balanced, all the other things are naturally balanced.

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