Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's a beautiful day -Every day

It's a beautiful day -every day
Every morning we are born again
Smiling flowers on trees
Dazzling dew drops of the grass
Little jwelled birds and tiny little Butterflies flying here and there
Isn't all these are amazingly beautiful.....

All these worries, fears,insecurities are mind made illusions
It is all about how we look at the things
For a person who smiles- smiles are being returned in thousands
Those who speak kind words- they have a melodious tone
People who share love and forgive those who does wrong - they are always respected

All happiness and misery both created by our own
The destiny is something that we can change with our actions
Nobody is sinful, everybody is blessed
We are all here experiencing the earth journey with different packages - but it can be altered

Beautiful souls filled with love and compassion is a blessing
It reflects through the body.. specially our eyes, face and skin
We can always become one like that.....

Small drops of water creates a beautiful water stream
This River serves animals, trees, humans and whole earth
Our every tiny good action will become  like this one day
Many beautiful souls will be created

For a person with a beautiful heart
Every day is a beautiful day......

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