Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Mind

If we can see our selves separately from our mind , we will have the control of our mind. But most of us, we see the thoughts(Mind) as us. Sometimes you think body is you. Time to time this changes and we are continuing the life. 

Just imagine if you ever think that you are a part of a vehicle, can you drive that vehicle? Only if you see yourself separately from the vehicle you can control it and drive it. If not it is a disaster.

It is same for ourselves as well. We all are driving the vehicle of life.

Moment to moment the mind is changing. The way we think is changing all the time.Without trying to struggle if you start watching your own thoughts , you will not be carried away with the thoughts.

Life is a collection of different experiences. Nothing else. Happy and sad, good and bad, beautiful and ugly etc. Whether you experience these or not, consciously or unconsciously- this is the life we all got. The seeker of truth has to realize this as true dharma.

Because people are so interested in looking at other people's stuff, they are lazy and dislike to look at themselves. In the end, how much you know, how many certificates you got is not going to help... they are all borrowed from other people. True realization is we getting to know our own true self.

By connecting to the present moment, many problems associated with "mind and thoughts" being disappeared. 

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