Monday, August 8, 2016

True Wisdom - Compassion and Wisdom goes together

Compassion and True Wisdom goes together. Because for a compassionate heart wisdom also needed. That is the balance. What is the point of someone kind hearted fool! A very kind person with no understanding about the true nature of things will fall in trouble. That is why compassion and wisdom both should go together.

Truly balanced individual has always developed wisdom and compassion both. 

Wisdom is nothing but seeing the reality. Seeing the true nature of everything. We need to directly look at us and with our own experience should gain wisdom.

The people who are truly wise are very innocent. Their wisdom is used in a way that no harm comes to anyone.

We can notice  that in a compassionate person, care and love towards others has the same care and love for oneself. 

We can really understand others when we really understand ourselves. 

We will know what's best for others when we know what's best for ourselves. 

We can feel for others when we feel for ourselves. 

True Bodhisattwa quality of compassion is like this.

In everybody, the spiritual development happens naturally to concern for the welfare of others. It is to create well being for everyone.

The Buddha with his incomparable, unestimated, infinite wisdom and compassion was able to be of benefit to the whole of mankind.  

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