Monday, August 29, 2016

Virtual world - people are getting lost

Every day, every moment there is this pure wish. May the world be filled with humans which their in and out both equally beautiful.

May everyone be full conscious and feel the aliveness of life and be happy always.

Unfortunately in the present, others do not measure you or judge you from your kind heart, genuine smile, gentle words or clear mind. They are more concerned about materialistic things you have and lost in a virtual reality.

Whether your's or not just take some photo with a background as if you own that place or a thing and show it , you will get many congratulations.

This has become the mentality of people. Just step out and look around, rarely someone will be connected to present and consciously passing the moment they are in. Majority are on their own worlds with a smart phone or a tab. For some even whether they eat, drink or anything does not matter , if data is working on their computing device. This is very sad to see.

Some cannot leave their phones and the virtual world they are in even for a minute. They do not know what happens to the person next to them as they are so focused to phone.

Is this the well being of humans we wish for.

In a balanced human, the three bodies physical, mental and energy has to really function together. What a disaster if only the mental is functioning,,,how long can go!

There is a very assured outcome that will happen if this continues  . Many will get lost in a virtual world which is not reality and end up depressed.

Every activity has a limit and a balance. We should not let ourselves exceed it. It is alright to use anything with a balance. Things like mobiles and computers are given for us to use them, not to get lost.

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