Sunday, September 4, 2016

Answer For All Worries

A divine soul reached and said this story to  me.

If you ever worry about anything in life thinking that you are the only person having problems, please read this story. 

There was a man who prayed for god every day. He prayed and prayed very much. He said to god "why me, poor me, why all these misery and troubles come to me. Why I don't have this, why I don't have that, why am I poor, why am I lacking this , why that person have that, why this , that etc. So many problems.

The God was carefully listening. Everyday this man is praying to god like this telling his all problems and asking God to solve it. One day God decided to speak to this man. The God said "alright gather all your troubles, miseries and problems that you have and bundle them and bring to the temple sharp 12 tomorrow in the afternoon".

The man was happy. The God has spoken to him. So he bundled all problems and troubles he has and put them in to a bundle and carried to the temple. On his way he met many people are carrying different size of bundles and heading towards the temple. When he reached the temple, thousands of people are gathered in the temple with their bundles.

Finally the God appeared and said, "Keep everyone's bundle on the ground and come forward and pick any bundle you wish and take it and to go home. I only give you one chance".  Every one rushed so faster and took their very own bundle and ran home. They were very worried about what may contain in other person's bundle. Never know. It's better to choose their own.

The man who prayed God was very happy as he could pick his own bundle. “Who knows what is in the other’s bundle? At least we are aware of our own bundle and what it contains.

We do not know what others are into, a persons smile and laugh doesn't mean he or she is really at bliss, the thing that we own, until we lose that also, we do not know.

Life is neither misery nor bliss,life is an empty canvas. We have to be very artistic about our own lives.Small small strokes of paint brush can make a beautiful painting. Misery, troubles, problems, could be small strokes of brush which ultimately make the painting beautiful.

Stop worrying.

Every life on this earth has problems of their own. The nature of life is like this. The more you realize, you see the emptiness of everything.

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