Sunday, September 4, 2016

Coming to the Center

No other opportunity is precious than being born as a human. The moment born as human, the possibility of realization is granted. Nothing is valuable than own self realization. Seeing the truth and true nature is the most wonderful and beautiful experience one can have.

Looking at this society and the people we can realize lots of things. 

Thinking that this world is such a beautiful place and acting blind will never lead to realization. If some one start to think and see only beauty, good, positiveness etc within this world, that person totally is missing the other part. This is a place where all ugliness, all hatred, all cunning, all unpleasantness and all beauty, all kindness, all love, all compassion does exist. 

Seeing this both sides is very wise. After seeing that this world has both darkness and light, it is easier for us to come to the center.

If only think and see the light and continue life... the moment you see darkness you will faint and get lost and end up depressed. 

The light and dark both does exist in this world within everything.

That is why it is very vital to see light and dark both. If some one had seen darkness and light both in this world , that person have the possibility of being not affected or influenced by both sides. Remain at peace in the center.

Throughout this entire life, if the balance is maintained, the life is totally happy.

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