Thursday, September 8, 2016

Real happiness is beyond material pleasure

Many of us seek a purpose for life. Seeking a reason to live. But actually there is no such a thing called purpose for life.
The Great Master has said this to me once.

If we try to search for a purpose of life, we will be in trouble. 

Life is to live. That is all.

We, the most people do not like to face the true facts of life.  With 
the experience and looking at, can see that what most people prefer is sweet dreaming, imagining and false security. Failing to realize that life is uncertain is the greatest mistake. 

Life is uncertain, but the death is certain.

One way of understanding life is to face and understand death which is nothing more than a temporary end to a temporary existence. 

Most of us dislike even to hear the word of “death”. We forget one day the death will come whether we like it or not. Recollections on death with right consciousness can give someone an insight in to the nature of existence.

Besides understanding death, we need a better understanding of our life.

We are living a life that does not always go on as smoothly and beautifully as we would like it to be. We should not be afraid of difficulties because the very nature of these problems and difficulties can provide us with a deeper insight into life.

The worldly happiness in wealth, luxury, respectable positions in life which most people seek is such an illusion. 

Our real identity and potential is beyond physical platform.

Real happiness is beyond material pleasure.

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