Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A cause and a right condition together brings an effect

Every effect has a cause. This is applied to everything that exists. From country to country the religion, society, geography, culture etc could change, but every where if there is an effect there is a cause.

You and me are born as humans to this world is an effect. This really has a cause. 

Each life on earth has it's own different cause. We are all different to one another. Different effects has different causes.

By planting a mango seed, we can never expect the water melon fruit to appear in that tree. For the mango fruit to come, firstly a mango seed has to be there. But a mango seed can never ever alone can make mangoes. The conditions such as  water, sunlight, soil for the mango seed to grow has to  be there definitely.
A mango seed kept on a cement floor can never grow.

This clearly defines that with the cause and condition together always makes an effect.

Our fate at this moment has been brought by our own deeds. Whether we are happy or unhappy or whatever has been caused by our own actions.

When the loving kindness is cultivated , the immediate result of peace and joy comes to us. 

It is a universal principle that under certain condition a cause will come to an effect.

Getting out of samsar journey, and the ultimate purification  within us happens when we all realize the emptiness and illusive nature of everything. This emptiness does not mean nothing at all. But it includes everything.

All suffering comes to us because we are so attached to the existence.

We are all trapped in cyclic rebirth and if we ever wish to end this cycle we need to have a clear realization of how an effect happens when a cause and right condition meets. Looking deeply at things you and me can see that, this is what exists within everything.

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