Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting out of all drama and living a real life

Closely watch how the things are happening within you and outside of you. You can realize lots of things.

With the interaction of people in this society , can see this as a huge stage and many actors and actresses are doing lots of drama. Many people in this society what they do is they apply some character in to themselves and continuing to act throughout the entire life.

But a person who stops this drama and becomes a seer, he/she starting to watch this drama. 

When you are real, you don not have to carry a burden. When you are real you are very free, peaceful and compassionate. 

But when you start acting some character, you become heavy and you will need to do many things to maintain this so called acting.

The mistake is, when people trying to show the society about the things they really do not have and doing things to compete other person. For example if you have money and for your needs you require a vehicle  and it is convenient to have one etc..... you buy a car is really ok and it is a different story. But many people do these things because they want to show others that they have it. Or they take it because the other person also have one. That is a great mistake.

Comparing and competing with other people brings you stress, and struggle. When you stop acting, when you become real you are not comparing or competing anymore. Many issues are being solved in this way.

We all have come to this world with different packages. Even if you do nothing, the package is running in your life. But if you want, you can buy credit to change this package. How? By doing good, meritful things. Credit means the merit. The much you contribute to the well being of yourself and other beings (not only humans, trees, air everything). What happens is you get merits. With these merits if you wish, you can change your own life package.

Believe me, the much compassion and good vibrations you send out to the atmosphere, comes back to you in return multiplied.

The people who sees the truth, they are not running like other people. They have stopped. They live a real life, no drama or acting. But seeing the reality. When someone is going towards light, he or she would like to save others also from the darkness and direct towards the light.

Best way to be very free is , do not do anything because the other person is doing, do not go to compare and compete with others - just walk on your life journey, do not apply any characters and act in the stage of society carrying a huge burden. Just continue to be real and free.

Majority they conduct religious practices also to show the world, to show others. Those are pointless acts. What matter's most is what is your inside and the real way you live life.

Life is , we did come to this world with nothing. In this life we change, we become ill, we loose, ultimately we all die. The same way we came ,we go from this world also with nothing. During the period of birth and death , why do we need any drama. Just enjoy, be happy & peaceful - realize the true nature of everything. Live the real life. 

Every spiritual process is trying to take people out of suffering. Make their lives happy, free and peaceful. Starting the process is not hard, from the place wherever you are start seeing the reality, real nature of things within you and outside. 

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