Monday, October 31, 2016

Real Union

May we hold true compassion within us all the ways
Let us see the entire universe as one
As a part of our own existence

The feeling when we are hurt
Same way felt by the other
Therefore everyone deserve loving kindness

Separating beings and treating differently is not the way
Conflicts happens when we try to separate things
But the union solves all conflicts and bring peace

We can stay united with everything- entire existence
What ever act we conduct, whom ever we are with
The real union with it brings all happiness, peace & freedom

True compassion is something that we feel
When we hold such a compassion
It can be felt by the all beings around

The Bodhisattva is holding a infinite compassion
With boundless compassion wows to save all the sentient beings
Until attain the Buddha hood 
Without being disheartened by anything
Looks on all of us with compassion 

If we could have even a drop this compassion
We too can heal and save others

The entire universe exists united
We just have to realize that we are a part of it
We are all one

When we are rooted in the oneness
And realize that "I'm" in everything and every being
Sees all beings equal
In the suffering and joy
We are in real union.

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