Thursday, October 13, 2016

True Dharma

Dharma means in simple words true nature of how everything exists. This includes entire existence.

Buddha, Jesus, Prophet they all spoke of the divine truth. And they came to this human world at different times and preached true dharma according to the people who lived at that time. But they all spoke of the same truth in different words and different languages.

For example, when you go through Buddha teachings, Buddha preached dharma accordingly to the person at situations in a way that person could realize what is truth. What Buddha said to Angulimala is in a way he could realize. When Patachara came after loosing everything dharma was preached accordingly for her to realize. When Buddha saw Dharucheeriya has the capacity to realize, a dharma verse was told accordingly for him to realize.

Also Jesus was like that, when go through the bible he has saved many people with infinite love and compassion by telling and doing what was required to say and do at particular time to save those who seeked help .

But non of these great teachers, they never wrote anything on a book. Only preached the true dharma.  After time passed these teachings were written on books by different people . 

We people have read many books of these teachings and experienced and realized what dharma says. But we must know that we all are in different levels of evolution. Therefore what you can understand may be I cannot understand. What I realize you may not able to realize etc. Like wise how we were brought up, what atmosphere we lived, what experiences we have, whom we associated, what are our habits, what we have done in past lives all that matters for where we are currently. 

So like if anyone is entering spiritual path, he or she should enter from the place where he or she truly understands this Dharma. So that the journey is going to be easier.

True dharma always brings you inner peace, freedom and bliss. So any one who listens to true dharma, will attain clarity even for a moment.

We sometimes see that in our human world hell and heaven both exist. The hell exists when people are filled with hatred, anger and jellousy. So for those people , if we talk about getting out of samsar etc.....they never understand. But if we show them simple way of being out of hate and the beautiful feeling of love, they come out of hell. 

That is the reason why great masters preach dharma accordingly to the person and situation and in a level for them to understand.

Understanding the Dharma means , seeing the true nature of everything.

All these dharma teachings are there for us to become more compassionate, more happy, more peaceful, free beings. 

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