Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wisdom brings contentment

Most of our minds are practiced to find happiness when we gain something. If someone's happiness is based on gaining something, when he or she looses something the sadness occurs. All the time in life, this happens to everybody.

But the wisdom awakened person sees that if your happiness is based on any external thing, person or a condition,,, that is not the true happiness.

Almost everyone is seeking something.  What we seek is different to one another. Some seek money, some seek positions, some seek for fame etc. But actually we seek something. Majority seek the knowledge. But knowledge can never fulfill a person. The day a person realizes even after having so much knowledge he or she is not contented then they search for the wisdom.

Wisdom brings contentment to a person.

Generation to generation, all the humans they are looking for ways to be completely happy all the time. But most of the methods being used are fruitless. Because it is all temporary. Because the happiness you get by gaining something does not last long. Soon after people seek another thing.

This has no end.

For the security and for wish fulfillment people start going after the religion. They recite , they pray and they ask for what they want from the God. Most people follow religion because they think by doing that they can accomplish what they wish.

There are people they do not feel so happy when they gain something. Neither they are unhappy when they loose something. They can see the true nature of gaining and losses. So they exist in the middle. Peaceful amidst every situation.

This is the center and the way our minds should be practiced.

How to find the center? Finding the center is not a difficult process. Each individual has a different ,unique ways of finding it. Some can find it through yoga, some finds through meditation, some people through chanting etc.

For a long period of time when we practice being at the center, then gradually mind is becoming clear.

When the Mind is clear, that clarity comes out of your eyes. You can see things more clearly. Can realize true nature of the things clearly.

Becoming clear minded, wisdom starts awakening. Which leads you to the contentment.

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