Monday, November 7, 2016

A clear mind is the solution for many problems in life

When our minds are clear it comes out of our eyes. By looking at someone's eyes we can see lots of things. If we are in clarity the eyes reflects it.  The clarity is seen through our entire body, the way we behave and it is included in all vibrations we send out. Other people can feel it.

It is very important for us to have a clear and balanced mind to continue our life journey. If our minds are clear our actions are clear and the atmosphere we live in also automatically becoming clean, tidy and clear.

Why are the humans given a mind. We really need our mind to conduct day to day work, engage in a job, do various stuff etc. When the mind is only associated with action thoughts there is no karmic consequence for it.  We need to take actions in different situations and we sometimes need the mind to do them. 

But what does the most humans do with the mind. The greatest mistake we do is  identifying our self as mind. Self and mind are two different things. What does most of us do is using the mind we go on mental trips. Mind says this , that and the other thing and we are tripping over what it says. If we are all the time on mind trips then we loose the clarity.

The next thing we do is we are trying to fulfill whatever the thing s mind says/commands. When we complete one thing mind says another thing. After doing that mind continues to say many things such as do this do that etc. What happens is if we continue to do everything mind says, we become very complicated.  We cannot satisfy the mind by doing everything it says. If we continue to live doing each and everything what mind says for us to do.... then we are lost.

Clear minded people are very simple and peaceful.

When we need to do something, we can utilize the mind at its full capacity and other times we can keep it aside. 

Actually how do we become clear minded?
This should be a unique way for each individual. Because my mind is completely known by myself. Your mind is fully known by yourself. So I should know the nature of my own mind and how to balance it. Like wise we all have to find our own way. Generally when we continue to stay in one yoga posture for few minutes, when we do meditation or helps the mind to become clear.

Here there is no complicated process to have clarity in mind. What we need to realize and see is, the nature of mind. The nature of a mind is generating thoughts. By realizing the nature of it... is easy for us to find the balance. 

If a thought comes and goes it is not at all a matter. It is like the clouds are passing by on a sky. 

The great Master explained this with an example. "Mind is like a servant given for human. We  humans can tell the mind what to do. But what happened is most humans are doing the opposite. It is similar to doing what servant says."

Mostly people are trying to stop thoughts. It is incorrect. If you try to force your mind to stop thoughts it creates pressure in you. Wherever when there is pressure..... there is no clarity. Therefore we don't have to forcefully stop thoughts generation in mind. What we have to do is to realize the nature of mind. We have to go deeper inside us and discover mind's nature. When we realize it... we know where the center is and the clarity stays with us in all the ways. 

May we all become clear minded, peaceful and continue to be in the center!!!

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