Thursday, November 17, 2016

Spiritual people are the most able people in this world

Spiritual people are the most able people in this world. The most compassionate, happy, free, contented, peaceful souls on earth are them. 

Enlightened people are living in all corners of this earth. They are the most able & blissful beings that exist. 

There is a misconception among the people and they think that if someone start walking in the spiritual path their lives will be disable. That is a damn lie. 

When talk about a spiritual person the picture most people get is that they are always walking slowly wearing a robe ,putting their eyes down, can't even talk louder, they cant feel taste,  they cant see beauty , cant hear melodious tones or feel a good touch etc. This is how it is pictured in most people's minds, which is not true.

But in reality if you meet someone enlightened, you can even feel their ability & blissfulness in their presence. 

Nothing is more interesting than realization. Actually when you start realizing and seeing the true nature of everything ....that is ..... cannot be explained in words.

First thing is...... we need to throw away all the conceptions others have put inside us and start seeing the reality with an open & free mind. Then we can embrace the reality. When we see the reality /real nature of things .... we ourselves are able to find true happiness within us which will never leave us.

Who does not like a life which .... there is continuous bliss, no end to the satisfaction, peace, freedom and happiness. If some one wishes to have a life like this, very first thing is to embrace the true Dharma/ in other words the reality with completely free mind.

Just like a diamond is cut and shaped for it to spread light & brightness.....we also have to shape and free the mind to experience the real beyond mind.

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