Monday, November 21, 2016

The Sun of truth is covered by the clouds of Maya in this world

If someone start to speak of the real true dharma in this world, majority of people cannot get the true meaning of it and they do not want to embrace it. Only very less amount of people are able to get the true meaning and realize the true dharma.

The reason for many people cannot see the truth is, their minds are conditioned and full of conceptions that they cannot get rid of them. It is not anyone's fault. From the childhood that is how we are all  practiced. 

The Sun of truth is covered by the clouds of Maya in this world. But anyone who truly wishes to realize, can realize the truth.

We create different different illusive dreams as we want and continuing to live with a dreamy mind. We are caught up in these dreams, expectations etc. Even though we see these are endless and cannot fulfill all what mind says and become contented.We are still going after them. We are afraid that we will loose our dreams. Major percentage of us are living this way. We think we are awake, but actually we are sleeping.

There are truly awakened souls living on this earth. These beings are trying to awaken the others also. When someone is awakened from the Maya he or she sees how blissful, peaceful, free, contented is the state of being awakened. So with a compassionate heart they try to awaken others.

But when the awakened ones are trying to  awake others from the deep slumber they are in...the sleeping ones refuse it. They think the illusion is true and permanent. They do not want to get rid of the illusion created by themselves. So they continuously journey life after life caught up in Maya until realize the truth.

The Buddha who had such a infinite compassion and showed the path to liberation, when so many people started to walk on the path & realized truth .... there were some people who tried to attack Buddha. When Jesus was preaching the truth and people started to follow him, the priests could not tolerate it and tried to harm the son of God-Jesus.  

Every time when someone like that appears on this earth the society is acting that way. This is the nature. There is a resistance force happening. Also for an Enlightened being who start telling the truth there could be a resistant force trying to put it down. 

But similar to the sun & moon appears distancing the clouds and bringing light to the darkness...the real true Dharma also comes out spreading the light everywhere.

Also the real true Dharma cannot be explained by words. If Dharma  is an ocean, An awakened one  can offer only a handful of water to others. Could be even less than that.

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