Tuesday, December 6, 2016

To see real through illusion

Why do we call this whole world is a maya - in other words this entire thing is an illusion. Whatever exist in this world is continuously changing. It is never the same. It is not what it appears to be. It could be people or things or anything , everything changes moment to moment. So how can we call something continuously changing as real?

We take information from the external world through five senses . The senses has limited ability to perceive the truth.  Our body and mind also changes every moment.

All of us are actually living in a some kind of play. This is real truth. The illusion means it is concealing the truth and revealing it different. That is the nature. None of us is really free from this illusive nature.

When we are in deep sleep we sometimes see dreams. It appears as real in the sleep. But when we become awake we know it was just a dream. It could be a projection of our own  mind. Also in the sleep the world almost disappears.

We are all caught up in the illusion. The reason for telling this is ......whatever people call development, wealth, knowledge etc all come to an end with our death. The huge cities are built and someday they become ruined. The empires rise and fall, The stars are broken in to pieces even crushed in to powder, Saints and sinners both die. We all of us seeing these things happen every day. Even after seeing this.. we are all still attached to life.. This is the biggest maya.

"Two" is always the number of illusion. Which means dual nature  of anything is an illusion. Oneness is the truth. Where ever there is oneness, in other words where there is no duality that holds truth. If a Human experience this "oneness" at a moment that moment is free from illusion.

The person who can see the reality, sees and realizes reality through maya . If a person cannot see the reality, then he or she sees the maya as something real and thinks it as truth.

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