Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why It is important to be joyful all the time

Being joyful and keeping a smile on face is a better solution for all seriousness of life.

When we are joyful we feel very energized and alive. So that the possibility of external influences, affecting the inside becomes very low. But this does not mean to be artificial. Naturally our inside can be kept joyous without much effort. 

First we need to be thankful for being alive, we are still breathing. That is the main reason for us to be happy. Other every thing comes next.

There is plenty of reasons to be happy . Therefore why worry. It is better to make joyfulness as a habit of life. 

Being serious is a kind of sickness. What is there to be serious in this life and in this world. We come here on a trip with a package for a certain period of time. From the birth to death every moment we are changing. Every thing is changing. And we all of us are some day definitely going to die. So being serious about anything in this temporary life journey is a kind of pointless joke.

Life is anyway a struggle. What we can do is just to face it with a smile. No other way. There is no smooth journey for this life. Worrying cannot solve any problem. We have to totally accept our lives. Do not try to seek any permanent solutions for temporary problems. That does not work.

One day we will all realize that what a lie we are living. Because majority of people and society are following lies believing them to be true. So when everyone believes a lie as truth, it is becoming established. That is what truly happening everywhere. But since we are also born here to this world as humans we cannot run away from all these lies. 

By seeing the true nature.... what we can do is to live like a lotus.... Lotus is in the mud, but has come out of mud and stands looking towards the sun without smearing with mud.

The truth is... there is nothing within us except some chemistry happening inside. Happy chemistry, sad chemistry, then anger like wise from the things we take through five senses from outside ,these chemistries are happening inside us. 

If we can be in the center with complete balance without being affected by anything happening outside. 

Life is all about being with the balance and being in the center.  

Every situation which is passing in our life is not permanent. It could be either happy or sad, whatever it is...all passes by and we are on the journey from birth till death.

A river starts from a mountain and flows till meet the ocean. River meets many situations on the way, But it continuously flows with such a compassion till meet the ocean.

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