Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Observing and Exploring Our Own Selves

Where there is life, there is death. Where there is death, there is life. It is like if there is a "before" there is "after". If there is "here" you find a "there" too. If there is "light", the "darkness" is there. If there is "male" there is "female" .One cannot exist without the other. That is the truth.

The life and death also happens together. Life can never be separated from death. Every life happened here has a definite journey towards death. The moment we are born  the fact that someday we die is assured. 

When we explore and observe our own selves carefully we can see that every moment a set of cells in our body dies and new set of cells are born.  Example is when we rub our skin we can see dry cells fall. So every moment some set of cells in us are born and a part is dying. In other words this is a continuation process. Every moment we are being transformed.

Every moment we born and die. Before we were born here, we have already passed many births and deaths. So there is no real beginning for us. We all have passed thousands of lives born, died again born and died etc.

So that we are able to see that this life birth and death is only happening on the surface.

Observing our own life so deeply we find out the true nature of it. 

Actually the death is a transformation. It is not an end unless we have attained complete realization and liberated. For a person who is at Nirwana -"Samsara"/ continuation of journey stopped -he or she has no death ,no birth.

The best example to realize the life is "to keep looking at a river". At times you can see waves in it.  A wave is like our life. The wave goes up means as if it is born, the very next moment it goes down. That is like the death of the wave. The wave is going between life and death same like our lives. It continuously happens with no end/endlessly.The wave must be afraid of life & death. why? The reason is wave does not know that when going up also it is "water" and when going down also it is "water". 

This is same story for us too. We just have to realize our own true nature. That is the only way towards complete realization.

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