Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The possibilities as a Human

The best way to look at this world is to look at it, as if you are a guest here. In other words look at it in a way, how would this world be seen in an eye of an Alien. Then we can realize lots of things. When we see like that... we will start laughing and laughing about our own doings as well as about what other people are doing. Also in the meantime realize the reality of things in its actual state.

What are the qualities of humans? They are most compassionate and spiritual beings by the creation. But now what has happened. Original nature of humans are covered by various factors. Actually they have almost forgotten that they are humans. That is hilarious.

Actually most of humans in today's world are in a box created by themselves. They cannot see anything else other than the box they have created on their own. Actually the earth is full of prisoners. But no one put them in prison. They themselves built their own prison and they are living in it suffering throughout the whole life. People are not free, that is the main issue.

Nowadays for some people their entire world is sitting in front of a computer . So their prison like 2 feet length. For some it is few yards, for others it could be a smart phone and him/herself... for them the prison is 1 feet. When this happens they never identify the full capacity as a human. They live a extremely limited life and die.

But actually we humans have come here with unlimited capacity and possibilities. Buddha said to people being born as a human is a rare thing and never be late for realization.

Every spiritual process on this earth is trying to show us this capacity of humans in various ways. Spiritual processes are revealing the human possibilities. 

Human is the only being who can make a choice about his journey. Other animals cannot do that. By his own actions humans can decide where they are heading. To the heaven or hell or towards liberation. Its our own choice. 

What ever the religion we belong or where ever we are coming from we all can practice one thing. That is to enhance our wisdom to see the true nature of everything. Realize and come out of boxes created by our own. To become very happy, free, contented, compassionate beings. 

This life is one stop for us on a continuous journey. But we think this Maya as a real truth and live life blindly and die. But the truth is this is a temporary destination of a very long journey. 

What is the point of coming to a life and not exploring it. We have to observe and explore our own selves and find out who we are. Then only we realize what a universal joke the life is.

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