Friday, March 17, 2017

Love without attachment is absolute light

Love without attachment is absolute light. Its the best kind of love one can experience.

The main root cause for suffering in this world is attachment. In other words the origin for suffering is attachment. We people get attached to many things  such as physical objects, people, our own ideas etc and with this attachment suffering happens.

In this world where we live.... we can see, smell, feel, hear, taste many things that we feel like getting attached to. But the reality is everything is changing every time. In a constantly changing , impermanent world what is there to be attached to. That is what we need to realize. 

Think of our own selves. Are we the same people lived some years back? Are the interests same to the interests we had as a child. Look at our own face, skin and hair. Are they same or changed. We are changed physically as well as all our thoughts, desires etc everything is changed.

However the much you are attached to anything, it is no point - does not do any good. Because some day you are definitely going to loose/leave it. See the fact everyone who born to this world ultimately die.

What are the consequences of getting attached to anything? Once attached we feel like experiencing it over and over again, we cannot bear the change, we try to own it , the clarity of mind disappears , might feel burdened etc. Once these kind of things happen we loose the peace of mind and the suffering begins.

The true dharma Buddha and other Spiritual teachers preached was really practical. It is all about the reality.  The true dharma can be applied practically in to our day to day life and it is possible to live in real world /in reality by realizing all these things. 

Love is possible without attachment. But we cannot think and do it. Once see the true nature of reality and with realization it happens within us.Then we become like a Lotus flowers. Very beautiful, unattached, liberated and full of love and compassion.

True love is not attachment. In the practical reality a human can live loving any one/ any thing or everyone without being attached to. This love is the purest love on earth. 

If it applies for a relationship with someone - the love is total surrender, total acceptance of the other person, unconditional, no expectations in return, only giving , loving in all the ways possible but not attached. A person who experiences this kind of a supreme love- he or she become god like. Godly love.

There is a way that you can love anyone or anything without attachment. That is very beautiful and best kind of a feeling. It is a beyond feeling- it is the compassion.

How can we love without attachment? Very first thing is to look at the reality with an open mind without acceptance or rejection. See the constantly changing nature of this world. How impermanent everything is. What a short period of time we live here. When you see these things with wisdom, you can see the light.

We all need to see the real nature. We are all born again and again until liberated. Time to time we born as animals, humans, gods in hell, heaven, earth etc. This life is actually a temporary stop as a human in this world. This is not the very first time we met our mother and father, brother , sister , girlfriend, boyfriend , wife husband etc. We have met them thousands & thousands of times in different lives in various forms. This life our brother and sister could be previous life mother and father. We do not know. We meet them over and over again until karmic debts are settled or may be until we liberate.

After someone seeing all this, if she or he realizes the true nature of every attachment. Then he or she is able to love totally without any kind of attachment. 

A person who loves without attachment does not mean he or she does not enjoy the life and the world. They enjoy everything more freely and contented.

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