Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Final note - Words are mere words. But actions prove who you are.

There is no way one can walk on both spiritual path and physical world path at the same time. A person has to choose one path. 

This entire world exist in duality- dual nature. So do we. Yin-Yang, good-bad, hot-cold, heaven-earth, sun-moon etc. 

Dual nature simply means the separation. The conflict. We are all having this duality within us in different extent.

Until you are in dual nature there is no way you can experience complete peace and bliss.

If a person try to live with dual nature of mind which means Ego consciousness and Soul consciousness both at different times . They are really unable to experience the oneness of everything.

In simple example if we are caught up in duality... most of the times our minds are wavering with a internal dialog.
Ego consciousness says do this and soul consciousness says it is not the right way etc.

Dualistic view of reality can create confusion in one's mind and conflict.

A dualistic mind most of the time has a internal dialog. May be that, may be this etc. Duality is creating conflict in mind and it can make us deeply confused.

From my personal experience. I do have a sincere affection and need within to become completely liberated and to make this life my final visit to the earth. 

Also in this journey I sincerely wish to spread light of compassion in every corner by sharing the experiences of truth realization with every one I meet on the way and to bring more peace, love, & compassion to this earth. 

However Walking on this path After even seeing, experiencing and realizing many things..... still I do have this dual nature of my own mind.

Having found the cause. If you really want to walk on this spiritual path. Practice is a must. Which means daily meditation , yoga or pranayama is essential. That practice gives you the required strength . 
The willingness, determination and wisdom only is not enough. Practice is essential.

Not only for spirituality.... even if you want to become a good sports player or whatever you must practice and enhance yourself to become that. Without the practice it is impossible.

In this journey we have to very aware. By being aware of what is happening inside and outside every moment we can live without loosing the peace and tranquility of mind.

Anyone  can say many things in words, But the actions are the most important thing. Words are mere words. But actions prove who you are.

If your life is not a living example for what you tell others and your actions does not tally with what you are talking about then there is a issue. It is nothing - but the duality.
Being in duality and talking about non-duality is not right. 

We all have to come out of the duality.

May we all become free of dual nature of minds
May we have strength to spread compassion everywhere we step
May our actions bring more peace and happiness to all around
Through every step we keep forth bring pure love to this Earth
May we become completely liberated while helping many others also to embrace the complete liberation !!!!

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  1. if we can identify our steps and obstacles then we are more capable to move ahead than we were in a state of ignorance, and can be kind to our self


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