Saturday, June 3, 2017

Coming to the center

A continuous journey of birth and death.... which means the Samsar exists only when we are caught up in the duality. when there is no duality, then there is no samsar.

The ultimate peace and bliss exists when we are away from this duality. 

Many people in this world are outward. They never look inward. These people believe that the things which exist in the outside world are true. Which that they believe this illusion as a truth and living the life and caught up in a endless cycle of birth and death with suffering.

Some people after seeing this entire thing is an illusion.They turn inward. When someone turn him or herself inward he or she starts realizing lots of things. But after turning inward if they can be without getting affected by the outside worldly things, that is a great thing. But that only happens when we come to the center.

If someone comes to the center, for such a person the outside world does not influence the inside.

We need to realize that the practicing of yoga, pranayama, meditation gives you the required strength to be immovable by any external influences and come to the center. 

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