Friday, June 30, 2017

Pure awareness - utter beautiful silence and peace

We all need to realize that if a person can continue to be with pure awareness, he or she is at a continuous bliss and peace. Awareness is not concentration. We need to understand this clearly. concentration means you focus on to something. But awareness means you just be. That's all.

For a moment feel the breeze that is passing you and the sound of the rain outside. Don't listen to anything but hear. Don't look at but see .It means you open up your whole heart. You feel the Buddha nature. 

Pure awareness is silence, utter beautiful silence and the peace. You do not analyze, judge or separate. You will feel everything is in you and you are in everything. There is no mind. Mind has stopped. 

This could also happen in another way. Our five senses connects us with the outer world. Imagine you are seeing the most beautiful thing you ever want to see and you hear the maximum melodious tone you want to hear, you feel the most soothing touch you ever wanted , you feel your most favourite fragrance and you taste the most delicious taste. In this kind of a moment all your five senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body) all are fulfilled, at the maximum contentment. This is another moment that your mind completely stop. Because the mind cannot analyse anything. The experience is beyond mind and sacred. You become one with everything. This is another possibility a human can experience.

Our problem is that we are unable to be in the state connected with pure awareness due to our our mind interrupts. But we can practice this little by little. Just be where we are. Feeling that moment. No past, no future, no separation, no judgement and just here and now.
That is the way. Where we connect to the Buddha nature.

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